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Sean McGuinness

I’m passionate about helping people change their lives and achieve their health and fitness goals. My passion for helping people started with the completion of my psychology degree and led me around the world to study under leading health and fitness experts. 


Throughout my time in the industry, many clients have come to me tired and fed up with not achieving results. Too often they’ve been given misinformation and wasted thousands of dollars on quick fixes or unprofessional trainers. 


This drove me to create a new approach backed by science and psychology to help my clients break through and achieve the results they’ve always wanted. I’ve spent years refining this approach and helping my clients on a one-to-one training basis achieve their goals.  


I believe in making health and fitness accessible for all, and I want to help more people cut through the fitness bullshit and achieve results.  


That’s why I am excited to introduce a variety of well-rounded programs that people from around the world can join and transform their health, happiness and confidence.

Founder of Livelong Performance

Meet LLP Team

We always want to ensure you get the best and highest service we can possibly give. This can mean that we assign you a coach depending on your goals. Your initial consult will always be with Sean and he chooses who will be best suited for you.


Unlike other online training platforms, you will always be coached by the same person so as to keep consistency within your program.  

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