Our 12 Week Fat loss program is our most popular transformation program to lose fat and tone up fast. 

This program will teach you exactly how to optimally lose fat and tone up and show you how to maintain those results long term. 

Perfect for those that want to transform their body and regain their health, happiness and confidence.

Do you want to achieve amazing results that you never thought possible (like my clients below)?


      if so, then this is EXACTLY for you!

whats included

A nutritional consult at the start or our journey where we go through a full-scale audit of your eating habits and food intake. From there I will create a customized nutritional plan to help you reach your goals. 

​We will have a specific exercise program workout and workout schedule tailored to your needs. I have an online screening process where I look for injuries, and what areas we need to work on/stretch out etc 
​Weekly check-ins. 
​Weekly progress is monitored and any adjustments to your program will be made when needed. 
​No restrictions on the amount of contact between the client and I, as your coach. 
We recommend committing for a minimum of 12 weeks as this is the time you will begin to see really noticeable results.
All our programs and nutritional content are done through my app. I will be able to see your training, steps, sleep and nutrition progress all in real-time. 

what we expect...

We expect you to be as responsive as possible. 


We expect you to check-in when requested and to be as accurate with the information you provide us as possible. 


We expect you to be ‘coachable’ be aware I cannot do the work for you but I can coach you through every step of the way.


We expect you to understand results do not happen overnight they take time and consistency. 


We expect you to be as eager to get results as we are.

Leave worrying about results to me - you just focus on the task at hand

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who is this for?

This program is for those who want to get in shape,

stay in shape year-round effortlessly,

whilst being able to and have a great professional and private life.

If you have:

Struggled to balance fat loss and life…

 Been on 'the wagon off the wagon'…

 Struggling with a fat loss plateau…

 Find yourself frustrated, confused, or simply going around in circles...

what to expect...

An exercise and nutrition program that will complement rather than complicate your life

A stress-free fat loss experience. 

Support and accountability.

An easy approach to nutrition with a focus on sustainable habit change.

Life-changing results you can sustain forever.

Increased confidence.

A focus on health leaving you feeling good and energised like never before. 

 Results that will exceed your wildest expectations!


Fully tailored program with movement screening. Renewed every 4-6 weeks or if any changes in circumstance should arise (gym closures or home workouts) 

Use Of LLP App

Fully integrated app which allows us to monitor steps, training nutrition & allows you to keep track of progress as well as chat contact with the LLP team! 

Meal plan examples & Recipes

We have a full portion guide package to help get you started with your nutrition as well as recipe packs provided by Fueled Nutrition.

weekly check-in 

Weekly review with in-depth analysis of training nutrition & lifestyle factors. As well as your questions answered! 

train when you want & where you want 

This online program gives you the opportunity to have a '1-2-'1 training experience for a fraction of the cost of face to face training with your choice of location and on your schedule!  

Let's Talk About You...

Use the form below if you have any questions or just want to have a chat.

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