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Has balancing work and fitness become a tightrope walk for you? 

Unsure of where to begin, especially after being out of the gym for a while? 

Lingering injuries or the fear of new ones holding you back? 
You're not alone.

Most fitness advice seems geared towards younger individuals, and the struggle to balance it all impacts your sleep, energy levels, and overall happiness with the way you look.

Experience the Best in Personal Training Online

Irregular and demanding schedules make it difficult to prioritise regular exercise.

The stress from both work and personal life often leads to stress eating after work.

Insufficient sleep due to our busy lifestyle affects our energy levels and hampers our ability to engage in effective training.

Seeking advice from young influencers who may not comprehend busy professionals' unique challenges and lifestyles adds another layer of difficulty. Business dinners out frequently render conventional nutritional advice ineffective. Navigating the sea of fitness advice leaves you overwhelmed with no idea where to start. 

Our 12-week program is not just a fitness plan. It's a lifeline designed to rescue you from the overwhelming stress and demanding schedules that have led you here.

Are you a busy professional facing a myriad of challenges?

Who is this for? 

Your demanding schedule has left you struggling to find a fitness plan that seamlessly fits into your life.

Mental and physical exhaustion from your demanding job makes it a daily struggle to summon the energy needed to prioritise healthy habits like meal planning and exercise.

Your high-pressure work environment contributes to stress eating or a lack of motivation to exercise, hindering your weight loss efforts

You are drowning in a sea of conflicting fitness advice, you feel a sense of overwhelm and confusion.

Your living a life that makes you feel and look 20 years older than you are.

You've hit your final straw, ready to prioritise your health and quality of life, and seeking a personalised approach that aligns with your unique challenges and goals.

Unlock your best self

12 Weeks to a Healthier, Energised You with Just 3 Sessions a Week


"The last time I saw the number 80 on the scale was in the 80s! These life-changing results have given me my life back"


"How I feel on this inside finally matches how I look on the outside. I couldn't be happier with the results I have achieved"


"The best shape I have ever been in!"

Meet Janine, a busy professional just like you. 
Balancing a demanding job, family commitments, and battling stress led her to a point where she felt guilty about her routine and found it hard to look in the mirror. 
But then, she discovered our program, a guiding light that not only addressed her struggles but transformed her life in just 12 weeks.

Janine.   |  Business Consultant

Our online program has been a lifeline for countless busy professionals like yourself. 
We don't just understand your struggles; we've designed a program to uplift you from them.


Zero Guesswork

We don't leave results to chance. Our plans are a lifelong investment, devoid of quick fixes.  Backed by 100% tried and tested strategies supported by science and over a decade of life-changing transformations, our program ensures a sustainable and effective fitness journey suitable for all levels of expertise.


Time Efficient

Never let “no time” be a barrier to a healthier life. 

Tailored for the always-busy professional, our program offers unwavering support, allowing you to shed fat with just 3 sessions a week. Perfectly designed for anyone, from beginners to advanced fitness enthusiasts, whether you prefer the gym or the comfort of your home.


Guaranteed Results

Your journey is our commitment. With unwavering guidance and support, we guarantee that you will achieve the results you've always desired. Regardless of your fitness background, whether you're starting your fitness journey or looking to elevate it to the next level, our program is customised for you.


"I have achieved better results in 12 weeks with Livelong Performance than years training on my own"


"I have not only dropped an incredible amount of body fat but also fixed all of my injuries, improved my stress, sleep, nutrition and overall quality of life" 


"Although I am getting older this is the fittest I have ever been with the team's help. I couldn't recommend them highly enough" 

Begin Your Transformation Journey Now

Our 12-week program is not just another fitness plan; it's a lifeline seamlessly integrated into your busy life. 


Whether you're managing long work hours, stressful job demands, or social commitments, our state-of-the-art coaching ensures results no matter your location.

Unlock yourbest self

12 Weeks to a Healthier, Energised You with Just 3 Sessions a Week

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