We specialise in helping people lose fat, transform their lives and maintain those habits for life. 


After years of face-to-face high-end personal training, I decided to create an online personal training platform to allow me to help more people who either couldn’t train with me in person or afford face to face services. 

We use these proven methods and philosophies to help people achieve world-class results no matter where they are in the world. 

Our aim: to take all the guesswork out of your fat loss results, give you all the tools you need and support you through the whole process.

Sean McGuinness

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Livelong Performance 

We believe our clients transformations speak for themselves. Our mission is to invest our time with you and your goals. We aim to work together to help you make long term life-changing results, 

Here are a few of our clients incredible transformations...

Ready to follow in their footsteps?



"The best investment I have ever made! I could have never thought possible the life changing results I have achieved"



"Sean without a doubt has changed my life.

He is an incredible coach & so much more than just a PT"

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"I've made more progress in a few weeks of training with you than the last few years myself"



"It’s all so surreal still. I know I still have a long way to go, but I’m so glad I chose to stick this out without surgery."


About SEan

When I first got into the health and fitness industry, I was shocked at all the misinformation given to people. 


I hated to see people with unprofessional trainers getting no return on their investment into personal training. 


My passion to help people started with the completion of my Psychology degree and lead me around the world to study under the leading experts of the health and fitness fields. 


My years spent on a one-to-one training basis, helping people transform their lives and bodies then brought me to my next dilemma.


How can I help people who cannot train with me in person or cannot invest as much in my face-to-face services?


I am excited to introduce a well-rounded online body transformation program that people from around the world can join and get every bit the return on their investment and more in terms of their health, happiness and confidence.

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Our approach to fat loss extends well beyond counting reps and sets. 


We at Livelong Performance pride ourselves on paving the way for a new kind of online personal trainer - the kind that understands as much about the client in front of us, as the trainers do about the science of nutrition and fitness. 


We specialise in understanding you personally, and we focus on what’s stopping you from achieving the long-lasting health and fitness habits you need to put in place to get the best results.


Many of our clients are time-poor, sleep-deprived or struggle with fitness, eating well, motivation, and most of all, with accountability. Unlike a lot of online personal training companies, we treat all our client as individuals, with their own challenges. 


We get frustrated seeing too many people wasting their time, money and energy in search of their fitness goals, just to be given basic 'cookie cutter' programs, with no guidance or accountability. 


Our mission is to expand our world-class transformations to people who are not able to train with us face-to-face or perhaps whose budget does not allow for the expense of one-to-one Training.

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Sean McGuinness

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